Wrag Wraps will wrap Benedict Cumberbatche's signed Louis Vuitton shoes

18th Nov 2014

For the second year now, Wrag Wrap are proud to support the work of the Small Steps charity. This is a charity close to our hearts as the aim is to raise money to support families, particularly women and children, that live on rubbish dumps around the world. With the money raised from auctioning off shoes donated by celebrities, such as singer/songwriters, sports personalities and actors, the Small Steps Charity enables hundreds of children to move away from their reliance on income generated by sifting through tonnes of rubbish each week. This is only a small part of what they do, but please read more by clicking on this link Small Steps.

Wrag Wrap are really impressed with the work that they are doing and to show this we have donated our wraps to enable each of the auctioned shoes to be beautifully wrapped when they reach the highest bidder. This is also to highlight what we see as an issue with all the rubbish that is generated and then dumped in places far away where we can no longer see it. Our wraps are made incorporating waste plastic and so in using them and re-using them, people are not only preventing paper waste, but also using up some of the abundant plastic waste.