Always looking for new ways to recycle and reuse, Wrag Wrap have spent some time collecting a delightful range of vintage scarves that are ideal for the furoshiki type of wrapping. This involves cleverly folding and knotting your fabric to create a uniquely wrapped gift.

Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese tradition of wrapping and carrying a gift in fabric.  As with many of these ancient traditions, there is always something that we can take away from it. Not only does it save on waste (the Japanese keep the wrap that they carry the gift in), but it's also a means of carrying your gift and it looks pretty nice too!

So please have a go with our scarves, it's actually really easy!


Please note, these are all vintage and therefore come in a selection of sizes as stated on the page. They might show some signs commensurate with their age, but in our opinion are all in a state where they can be used with pride for wrapping your gifts.  Please enjoy and pass on the love.


P.S We will be adding to the selection on the website as time goes on, so please keep checking if you don't find something you like immediately.

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