Why Fabric Wrap

Eco Gift Wrap Range

Our wrapologists here at Wrag Wrap headquarters have worked really hard to create a range of beautiful reusable fabric gift wrap that will make your gift look stunning. We hope to fuel a step change in the way that presents are wrapped, rejecting disposable paper, and instead embracing the fabulous idea of reusable fabric.  The gift wrap becomes part of the gift.

Wrag Wraps are made using fabric rather than paper. Each of the fabric wraps have been designed to overcome the limitations of paper, wrapping a whole range of different shapes and sizes of gift - with no fuss or waste.  Each Wrag Wrap is a self-contained wrapping solution with a tie cord and securing button, removing the hassle (and waste) of using scissors and tape.

Each wrap comes in a range of sizes to cover almost any gift, with a choice of patterns.  There are designs for Christmas and other occasions to cover the rest of your gift wrap calendar.  Our latest idea is the Reversible wrap giving you two prints in one, a wrap you can use for both birthday and Christmas.  


Most importantly, Wrag Wraps are all about your experience. They have been designed to encompass the different approaches to wrapping gifts.  Whether you want an easy and fast solution, or perhaps a chance to show off creatively – there’s a wrap for all wrappers, and all occasions.

Lastly, remember that Wrag Wraps are not disposable.  They have a lifetime of use in them and they will grow in value over time (that is, if value could be measured in emotional units!!) 

Interesting facts:

  • Wrag Wraps are made of fabric that incorporates fully traceable certified recycled plastic, helping make use of what is becoming an abundant waste material
  • The majority of people love to wrap their gifts and don't want to see an end to this tradition.  Many of these people have been searching for a viable alternative to paper.  This led us to design the Crackle Wrap.
  • When asked, the sound of paper rustling and ripping evoked an emotional response; one of excitement and anticipation
  • Wrag Wraps are washable and each product has a care label showing you how to keep your Wraps looking beautiful
  • All our products are Patent Pending and the prints have Registered Design Rights