• “Brilliant, genius gem of a wheeze” - CHRIS EVANS - BBC Radio 2 breakfast show
  • “@WragWrap Ecological re-usable Christmas wrapping paper - inna vintage stylee I’M IN” - CAITLIN MORAN
  • “This is quite brilliant’ – Created by two women who were sick of seeing sacks full of non-recyclable gift-wrap after every Christmas” - THE TELEGRAPH
  • “Rather than buy paper this year, why not invest in Wrag Wrap” - VOGUE
  • “The material is even designed to make that proper paper crackling sound to please the traditionalists” Voted in Top 10 Best Wrapping Paper - THE INDEPENDENT
  • “Nicky and Louise, who own Wrag Wrap, have put a huge amount of thought and effort into creating a product that works for the environment but also works for demanding ‘wrappers’” ECO BLOGGER - DIANA CARNEY
  • “They’re perfect, they’re brilliant! I want to buy some for my children to use every year” - KIRSTIE ALLSOPP