New Prints for Christmas 2018 PRESS RELEASE

26th Nov 2018


 New Wrag Wrap festive prints and colours for 2018

 Wrag Wrap, the reusable gift-wrap brand, have entered the festive season with the launch of new prints and colours.

The first new print is called Poinsettias, and takes its inspiration from the similarly namedfestive flower that looks like it could be have been especially designed for Christmas. With its bright red and green foliage its not surprising to discover that the poinsettias has been used as Christmas gifts for hundred’s of years and is often referred to as the Christmas Star or Christmas Flower.

The new Poinsettias print is now available in Wrag Wrap’s two most popular products, the Crackle Wrap and it’s sister product the Reversible Crackle Wrap. Launched last year, the Reversible Crackle Wrap offers the choice of wrapping with one of two colours giving year round flexibility.

The second print, Tipped Trees is a more contemporary geometric design inspired by snow tipped trees. This print is available in the popular Reversible Wrap product, offering two distinct colour choices for Christmas and beyond.

Co-founder Nicky Rajska

“People are increasingly asking for gift wrap that is not single-use, our products are designed to be reusable and allow our customers to indulge in the celebration and gift giving, whilst not creating unnecessary waste. These new prints are designed to revel in the act of giving and receiving gifts and the joy that the tradition spreads”

Wrag Wrap gift wrap is designed to offer an alternative to single-use wrapping paper, most of which ends up in landfill as it cannot be recycled. All Wrag Wrap products are make using recycled plastic bottles and designed to last a lifetime.


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