Wrag Wrap Goes Rental for Christmas 2021

Wrag Wrap Goes Rental for Christmas 2021

Posted by Wrag Wrap on 3rd Nov 2021


  • Wrag Wrap is launching a gift wrap rental service for Christmas 2021
  • Wrag Wrap's range of fabric gift wrap is inspired by the Japanese art of fabric gift wrapping called Furoshiki
  • Prices start at £23 for a pack of 10 wraps, £30 for 20 wraps and £60 for 50 wraps including posting, packaging, and pre-paid returns
  • The rental service has been designed to make sustainable gift wrap savings of at least 80% on each pack rented rather than purchase
  • All wraps are made from fabric containing 45% traceable recycled plastic bottles
  • Visit time from 31st October 2021 and select your Wrag Wrap rental packs
  • Rental costs £23 for a Small pack of 10 wraps, £30 for the rental of a Medium Pack of 20 wraps and £60 for a Large pack of 50 wraps – a refundable deposit will returned once the wraps are returned
  • Customers will have until the end of January 2022 to return the products with the pre-paid returns label provided
  • Non-returned wraps will be charged at their RRP as shown on the Wrag Wrap website minus a 20% discount for a Christmas goodwill cheer
  • Wrag Wrap will cover all the costs of laundering, repairs or refurbishments for returned wraps, the only additional payments taken above the rental fee of £23, £30 or £60 will be for non-returned wraps
  • Wrag Wrap’s gift wrap rental service is available for UK and Ireland customers only
  • Using Recycled Materials - All fabric is made from 45% traceable recycled plastic bottles (Rpet).
  • Designing & Creating a Reusable Product - Each gift wrap is designed to be long-lasting and can be reused time and time again. Every Wrag Wrap that is sold, will spend its life reducing the need for both single-use wrapping paper and single-use sticky tape.
  • Renting, Refurbish & Regenerate – Loan or buy either way we will be there from the start to the end. At the end of their life, Wrag Wrap will take products back for refurbishment. If they have gone past the point of repair, they will be recycled by a textile recycling partner.

Gift Wrap Facts

Every year in the UK, over 100 million rolls of wrapping paper are thrown away, enough to reach the moon, that’s along with its accompanying sticky tape. At Christmas time alone, on average a roll and a half of sticky tape will be used per household.

Unfortunately, wrapping paper sent for recycling is often coated in glitter, plastic or tape and therefore can never be recycled.

The majority of the 8 billion metric tons of plastic has been created since the 1950’s still exits.

Continuously recycling plastic is not always the answer, as it can only be recycled up to 9 times before degrading. Wrag Wrap recycle it once, and then our products get used for a lifetime.


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