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1an astonishing 8,000 tonnes of Christmas wrapping paper is thrown away every year? 2the Japanese have been wrapping with fabric for centuries 3households can be fined for putting wrapping paper into the recycling bins as a large proportion is not recyclable 4At Wrag Wrap we use a fabric with a certified recycled content of at least 45% in order to minimise our environmental footprint.


Made from fabric, Wrag Wraps have been carefully created to make a beautifully wrapped gift incredibly easy to achieve, again and again. With four types of fabric gift wrap to choose from, there’s a solution for almost every gift. Each wrap has been designed to bring a style and elegance to your gift that many of us wish for, but so often don't have the time or patience to create. This innovative fabric gift wrap makes beautifully wrapped gifts effortless!

Crackle Wrap

Wraps like paper and sounds like it too!

Just like wrapping paper, the Crackle fabric gift wrap folds neatly around box shaped gifts, but without the need for sissors or tape. By using it's ingenious integrated wrapping cord and button, you can wrap your gift in seconds! 

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Stretch Wrap

Expands to hug the gift

This fabric gift wrap is ingeniously designed to overcome the challenges of odd shaped gifts, a revolution in gift wrapping. The challenge will be to find a gift that this will not wrap!

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Gift Bag

Gift wrap and bag in one

The aesthetic appeal is in the quality and design of these kooky fabric gift bags. Everyone should have a stash of these in their cupboard!

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Bottle Bag

Bottle bag and gift wrap in one

Give these as part of your gift or use them instead to take a bottle to a party or round to a friend's for dinner. Not just for bottles either, they can be used for any gift that will fit!

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The Pioneer Pack

A 15% discount on any Pioneer Pack

Why not start stocking up for Christmas?  Choose from our beautiful range of Christmas prints in any of the products and you can look forward to an effortless wrapping experience this Christmas!

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From tent to gift wrap..

Festi-Wraps have been re-purposed from discarded tents left behind after the summer 2013 music festivals. If you want to take home some of the joys of Glastonbury and Latitude,then what better way to do it. Wrap your Christmas gifts this year with Festi-Wraps and then keep wrapping every year after! The Festi-Wraps are like paper in the way they are folded around a gift and the attached cord acts to secure the wrap in place, much like you would a parcel.

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