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Wrag Wrap at Glastonbury:

Glastonbury 2014

Wrag Wrap at the Oscars:


Wrag Wrap appear in the infamous SWAG BAG as a consolation prize to all those stars who go home without an Oscar alongside multiple other gifts. However, Wrag Wrap were thrilled to be picked to be one of the sustainable options for the bag.

Wrag Wrap is proving to be very popular with the american customers and whilst we do ship to the USA and fulfill orders through our website, we are currently exploring the possibility of a US distributor.

Bloomberg TV:

Nicky Rajska, co-founder at Wrag Wrap, explains her company’s new approach to sustainable, reusable gift wrap on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


October 2013 Press release:

Gift wrap at Selfridges: exquisitely eco for Christmas

Luxury re-usable ‘Wrag Wrap’ made using recycled polyester is now available from London’s leading Christmas emporium

This Christmas, there is no excuse to wrap gifts in 8,000 tonnes of waste paper.


British company Wrag Wrap, creator of sustainable luxury fabric gift wrap, will sell its classic collection exclusively at Selfridges when its Christmas emporium opens on October 24th 2013.


Wrag Wrap’s classic collection is already popular amongst lovers of luxury who also want to make a difference. With its celebrity supporters including Caitlin Moran , Wrag Wrap’s unique values will set a new trend in wrapping this season.


Because each piece is pre-cut, washable and durable, there is no paper to tear and no tape to waste – making them perfect for gift givers of every age and the ultimate ‘man wrap’ solution for those who confess that present wrapping is a task that leaves them in a state of confusion.


To make things even easier, each Wrag Wrap product comes in a selection of different sizes, each sheet comes with a re-usable gift tag that can be personalised with an inserted, written note – eliminating the need for cards and ribbons.



Wrag Wrap products are available from £5.99 at  and from the Selfridges Christmas emporium, spanning the entire fourth floor of the famous department store, which opens on 24th October 2013.


Selfridges is the first and only London department store where Wrag Wrap will be available this Christmas.



September 2013:

We had a very productive 3 days in London at our first ever trade show - the Spotted section at Top drawer. It gave us the opportunity to speak to lots of potential retailers about Wrag Wrap. The response we had to the concept and the products was really encouraging...definitely time well spent! The Christmas prints prooved to be very popular and we are feeling very excited about Christmas 2013!

Top drawer


August 2013 Festi Wraps:

The tents have all been collected and cleaned ready to send to our UK production partner.  The designs have been decided and all is ready to go to turn these discarded tents into fabulous gift wrap in time to wrap your gifts this Christmas!

July 2013  Chris Evans Breakfast Show:

Glastonbury is the topic of conversation on the breakfast show this morning; the worlds largest music festival has come to an amazing end for 2013. It has certainly been worth the wait with the usual headlining music and general madness that Glastonbury is famous for.

In no way dampening the spirits, we now turn our heads to Tent City (the size of Wigan).  This year, like many others before it, we expect 1000's of tents to be left behind.  Contrary to belief, these tents have previously been sent to landfill rather than going to a good cause.

This year, Wrag Wrap plan to change this by collecting discarded tents and fabric, not only to help highlight this issue, but also to show that these tents still have a life.  The fabric and any other reusable parts of the tent will be cleaned and turned into beautiful, reusable gift wrap.

These wraps are due to be launched towards the end of October, in good time to be used under your Christmas tree this year.

June 2013  Latest press release:

Dumped Glastonbury tents given new life as luxury gift wrap. 

Discarded tents at this year’s Glastonbury, Latitude and Wychwood festivals will be collected, cleaned and transformed into luxury sustainable gift wrap. 

Nicky Rajska and Louise Oldridge, founders of Devon based company Wrag Wrap, will be getting their hands dirty salvaging unwanted tents at each site, then recycling them into wrapping products that can be used time and time again. Nicky explained: “Tents that can be re-used as tents won’t be recycled.  We’re looking for broken and torn tents, so we can clean and launder them, restoring them to perfect condition in an environmentally friendly way - dye them and sell them as beautiful gift wrap - with a percentage of sales going back to each festival to help protect the land and environment.  We can’t take away all of the waste but we know we can help to make some kind of a difference and hopefully shine a spotlight on the issue of discarding unwanted items at festivals.

” Because Wrag Wrap is fully washable and durable, it can be used and re-gifted time and time again.  It comes in a selection of different sizes, each sheet or gift bag comes with its own drawstrings and re-useable tag that can be personalised with an inserted, written note – eliminating the need for cards and ribbons. 

Louise continued: “Our special edition festival wrap will come out for Christmas.  It’s a beautiful way to wrap a gift without waste or guilt, whilst also celebrating the Great British festival season from summer 2013.” 

The tents that can be re-used will be given to community groups and charities.  Over 3,000 tents are predicted to be discarded at festivals this summer.


The girls at Wrag Wrap put on their gloves and rolled up their sleeves at the first of their tent collection festivals yesterday.  Turning up at Wychwood festival in Cheltenham after all the revellers had gone home, Wrag Wrap went around collecting all the tents that had been discarded.  These tents will be laundered and then given a new lease of life.  Wrag Wrap hope to make these tents into reusable gift wrap in time to wrap gifts for this Christmas!

Wychwood tent collection












2/6/13 We get the cartoon in the business section of the Sunday Times..




Wrag Wrap have been selected to exhibit at one of the Midcentury Modern shows, these shows attract people from all over the UK looking to buy collectable furniture and design for the home. We are thrilled to be able to show our products here and hope that some of you will be able to come along.

Midcentury Modern Show






Wrag Wrap are collaborating with some exciting new designers to create a fabulous range for this Christmas to sit alongside our Wrag Wrap range.  Both of them, like us, place sustainability at the top of their agenda.

Kirath Ghundoo, labelled 'the queen of pretty geometrics' is a surface pattern designer with real flair. We are loving working with her!



Kirath Ghundoo

Aimee Kent is a Scottish designer whose work has that edgy quality.  She has successfully worked with many sustainable fashion brands and we are really excited about the work she is doing for Wrag Wrap.

Aimee Kent


We are really excited as we have just taken delivery of our new range of Wrag Wrap designs.  They will be coming to the website soon and will give you options for wrapping all your gifts, for every occasion!


Trafalgar Square London


Wrag Wrap at Trafalgar Square

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